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  H. Michael Wyant  
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Richard H. Deihl, President/Chairman of the Board,

"This financial executive, known to me for many years, possesses the qualities of integrity, responsibility, intelligence and moral strength which should enable him to succeed in any area or activity of his choosing. The demanding goals and high standards of performance he has established for himself are reflective of his personal concern for achievement of excellence.

It is my pleasure to recommend without reservation Michael Wyant."

Mike Curb, Lieutentant Governor,
and a successful businessman in the entertainment field:

"It is with enthusiasm that I recommend to you Mr. H. Michael Wyant.

I have had the opportunity to work with Mike for the past four years on numerous projects. His enthusiasm, dedication, and breadth of knowledge in the field of economic and business development has made him a valuable asset to the Commission for Economic Development in its deliberations. Mike has been an effective and hard working member of the Commission's Advisory Council.

I can recommend Mike Wyant to you highly without hesitation."

Terence L. O'Rourke, Executive Vice President,
and served in the White House as special assistant to the President:

"Wyant demonstrated many impressive qualities: He has a keen and inquisitive mind. Wyant understands people and cares about them. This is not just an excellent personal characteristic but a business asset for him. Many times I have seen Mike Wyant overcome a negotiating obstacle by applying positive incentives to the other side."

Ronald F. Ott, Ph.D., P.E., President,
OTT WATER ENGINEERS, the top respected water expert in the U.S.
and was a special consultant to the White House:

"As a professional engineer, I have been able to observe Mike in his business dealings on very complex projects that impact the community.

He has always conducted himself in a most business and professional manner. He has done very conscientious and credible work for each one of the clients he has represented. He has always taken into consideration those in public authority and realized the importance of their job and has been able to work with them to develop projects that would meet all of their requirements, as well as represent the interest of the developer. He has been able to represent nationwide energy development firms and small independent private developers. In all cases, his business dealings have always led him into recommendations to working for other firms.

His work on the Advisory Board for the California Economic Development Commission, added much to enhance the business opportunities in the state of California. He is very politically astute, and I have seen very few people who work as hard as Mike in achieving their goals.

Mike is active in helping others throughout the community and is a very capable businessman and outstanding leader."

Michael Brent, First Vice President, Director of Real Estate,

"It is my personal pleasure to recommend H. Michael Wyant.

My personal and business association with Michael spans more than a decade. In all that time he constantly dedicated himself to excellence, in both his corporate and personal life. He has never ceased his quest for learning and has succeeded splendidly.

Michael comes to you highly qualified. Permit me to add my endorsement."